Cinderella 2018

Cinderella 2018

In the front row of the finale are Jane Apps as Fairy Godmother, Kayleigh Porritt as Kevin, Charlotte Campbell as Dandini, Chris Porritt as Buttons with Mousey Mousey, John Sampson as Esmy, Keira Jones as Cinderella, Katherine Macleod as Prince Charming, Robert Brown as Ermy, Tony Shoebridge as Baron, Faith Porritt as Rodney and Elliott Emanuel as The Demon King

Appearing in her 8TH! Yes you read that right, 8TH Principle Boy role is Katherine Macleod. Katherine’s Goal was to complete the Panto 8 Shows as Principle Boy. Cinderella Completed that dream for her. Congratulations Katherine and here’s hoping you can complete the circuit again in any role you choose!

Update 27/01/2018. Cinderella was a HUGE Success! We had brilliant audiences each night who were more than willing to get involved. Cinderella’s performace was so spectacular that even the scenery fainted…….just missing our poor cinders.

The Fairy Godmother role had to be re-assigned due to a personal Loss so Jane Apps stepped in with four days notice to learn the script. Jane pulled off her part with such proffessionalism. WELL DONE JANE

Our next Pantomime is Dick Whitington, keep your eyes peeled for further information

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