At last, The 2012 Show

25th-26th May 2012

The pupils of The Hadlow Academy are being put through their paces by their teachers who are trying to explain the significance of 2012 and all it’s anniversaries. From the bi-centenary of Charle Dickens birth, the centenary of Mack Sennet, the sinking of the Titanic, the publishing of Tarzan and of course the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond jubilee are just a few examples of events that have been dramatized, sang and danced about.

The cast of At Last, The 2012 Show
The cast of At Last, The 2012 Show

The Cast
Miss Partridge – Jane Apps
Mr Boot – Andy Sunnucks
Mr Grundy – Tony Shoebridge
Miss Westerena – Sue Noad
Mrs Peron – Katherine Apps
Zach – Zach Garner
Lilly – Lilly Golding
Ben – Ben Johns
Chloe – Chloe Johns
Danny – Danny Cairns
Beth – Beth Hayward
Chelsea – Chelsea Jones