Mind Over Murder

17th-18th May 2013

A Play by Andy Sunnucks & Jane Apps

Mind Over Murder Poster


Mind Over Murder is the story of David Harding, a businessman who suffers from schizophrenia. When his wife holds a dinner party at their newly furbished home, a vision of Davids deceased son appears before him. The chain of events that follow result not only in murder but the backlash from a lifetime of secrets rearing their ugly head. Who started the fire that killed David’s son? Just who is the mysterious policeman who makes contact with David? And why is David’s dead son so determined to make him a killer?

The Cast

David Harding – Nigel Roberts
Janice Harding – Liz Roberts
Benjamin Harding – Ben Johns
Amelia Forte-Harding – Natalie Derrick
Karen Weakes – Jane Apps
Emma Howie – Chloe Johns
Adem Hewitt -Joe Shoebridge
Colin Jeffries – Bill Hughes
Horatio Clifford – Tony Shoebridge
Scarlet Clifford – Katherine Apps
Edward Green – Andy Sunnucks
Shirley Smith – Liz Adamson
Libby Ray – Beth Hayward