Mother Goose 2012

13th – 14th January 2012
Ermyntrude is a magical goose that can lay golden eggs. Gretchen the Good Fairy sends Ermyntrude to down on her luck Mother Goose, but the goose will only stay on one condition, that Mother Goose stays away from vanity. The Wicked Fairy goes out of her way to make Mother Goose vain, and for the Goose to leave her and her family penniless. With this and the wicked Squire and his Bailiff trying to steal Emyntrude to make their own fortune, Mother Goose needs all the help she can get.

The 2012 cast of Mother Goose
The 2012 cast of Mother Goose

The Cast
Mother Goose – Andy Goring
Robin – Katherine Apps
Rose – Megan Moore
Silly Sam – Andy Sunnucks
Gretchen the Good Fairy – Britt Gale
Squire – Martin Apps
Bailiff – Bob Brown
King of Gooseland – Bill Hughes
Queen of Gooseland – Sue Noad
Wicked Fairy – Liz Roberts
Sage – Harriet Collins
Onions – Gemma Pring
Ermyntrude the Goose – Julie Rose Parton

The Chrous
Liz Adamson • Jane Apps • Marylin Apps • Sarah Barnett • Gill Brown
Denise Collins • Shirley Fountain • Zach Garner • Lilly Golding • Beth Hayward
Ben Johns • Chloe Johns • Sophie Kent • Sue Noad • Reese Seale
Grace Shoebridge • Tony Shoebridge • Chloe Sunnucks