Murder at Midsomers End

20th – 21st May 2011

A Play by Marylin Apps
No one likes Billy Badger, so it’s no wonder that everyone at Midsomers End, a retirement home for elderly entertainers, is a suspect in his murder. With the snow trapping everyone in, the residence and staff soon realise that they are keeping company with a killer, and it could be any one of them.

The Cast
Dertrude Szpumante – Liz Adamson
Glorious Gloria Ramona - Sue Noad
Gertrude Szpumante – Liz Roberts
Bendy Wendy (Elsie Higginbotham) – Shirley Fountain
Bunty Button – Bob Brown
Sid Szpumante – Martin Apps
Denbigh Douglas – Nigel Roberts
Ursula Umbridge – Sabra Knight
Sam Jolly – Sharon Wade
Kylie Waites – Katherine Apps
Chardonnay Sparkle – Jane Apps
Anjelina Croft – Britt Gale
Abigail Arsenic – Gill Brown
Victor Cornish – Bill Hughes
Alan Snitterford – Tony Shoebridge
Les Lee – Andy Sunnucks