Robinson Crusoe 2013

12th-13th January 2013

Robinson Crusoe 2013 Poster

In this Pantomime by Graham Barraclough, Robinson Crusoe is searching for Pirate Pierre’s treasure. But he can’t do it alone. He enlists the help of his mother Clara, brother Billy, girlfriend Polly, the Mayor Perkins and a whole bunch of characters that amount to a hectic yet hilarious adventure on the high seas. With shipwrecks, sea fairies and cannibals, this is a story that you’ll remember forever.

The Cast
Robinson Crusoe – Katherine Apps
Clara Crusoe – John Sansom
Billy Crusoe – Andy Sunnucks
Polly Perkins – Megan Moore
Mayor Perkins – Martin Apps
‘Enry Ebb – Gemma Pring
Frankie Flow – Ben Johns
Pirate Pierre – Bob Brown
Girl Friday – Harriet Collins
Briny the Sprite – Bea Carpenter
Amphitritie – Liz Roberts
Bobby Pinn/Gorilla – Tony Shoebridge

The Chrous
Liz Adamson • Jane Apps • Sarah Barnett • Gill Brown • Danny Cairns • Harriet Collins
Zach Garner • Lilly Golding • Chloe Johns • Tamara Johns • Liz Roberts • Tony Shoebridge
Milly Stonard • Chris Wickham